quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2009

It's about time!

Well, let's post the first mischief of this blog, shall we? "FINALLY!! MISCHIEF!!!!!" Yes, yes, I agree. this is what the blog was originally meant to be, right? oh, but don't stop readin! this will be mild, trust me. just some mild meanness coming from the youngest of this boring family that can't even think up decent mischief. let's cut the crap and start.

have you ever heard of a chinese torture in which one is kept in a way that they cannot move? well, i've lived through it. it was horrible. i couldnt reach the bowl of stale bread but i managed to save up saliva so i wouldnt grow thirsty.
jk. anyways, being immobilized is not the worst part of it. one has water droplets constantly falling onto their forehead. it does not matter how hard one tries to escape from the reality of their situation, the unrelenting dripping is a dreadful reminder of what they were trying to run away from.

well, i'm not going to be as cruel or extreme as the chinese, but let me propose something to yall readers. kids, dont try this at home. get a deep sleeper when they are dozing off in their usual sunday dozing, or their casual saturday day-time-slumber or.......whatever: any time they're sleeping. night works perfectly fine. poor people! let them sleep! nah...why? where's the fun in that? its just once! look, lets leave them semi-sleeping. half a hole is still a hole, isnt it? theyll still be sleepin. get an iPod or any other cheap mp3 and choose a soft-ish song. not crazy and upbeat enough to wake the person up, but not too soft so that the person will sleep right through the whole thing. when that person is asleep, or almost asleep, put the music on low close to their ear. make sure they sort of wake up (even a groan will do). Then quickly take the music away. do this continuous times and have fun snickering evily at the person as they roll over in their sleep. do that until they finally wake up. when they do and grumpily inquire you about it, deny everything. it was all just a figment of their very fertile imagination! they just dreamt that they were listening to Yellow from Coldplay. they also just dreamt seeing you hovering over them with iPod in hand and a smirk on your face (uh-oh. run!!).

That was a bit of cruelty to you, from Anna Lopes. Stay tuned.
*over and out.

5 comentários:

Drika disse...

you're so dreadful. and i sleep in the same room as you!!! omg.... i am going to be careful to sleep after you do. you better not do anything funny, smartypants.

Anna disse...

darn! i knew i shouldnt have written down my plan. sheesh. but dont worry, i'll STILL catch you unawares. just watch me.

Augustus Nicodemus Lopes disse...

Hei, lindinha! Hauhauhauhauahua! Espero que você não tente fazer isso comigo!
Proud of you.

Schalkwijk disse...

Guess what? I live too far for you to even try. So HA

Anna disse...

you just come back, sam, and you'll see whats good for you... mwahaha.

you have to post!!! post, post, post!!!