quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

The Drop Before the Storm (hopefully)

THIS IS A BLOG OF MISCHIEF. Alright, perhaps not that much mischief, because we're hardly that naughty. In fact, erase that. Let's start again.


Oh, bother, scratch that. Once again...

THIS IS NOT ONLY A BLOG OF FICTIONAL MISCHIEF, BUT MORE OF RANDOM EVERYDAY STRANGE THOUGHTS. We are baddie wannabe's; we have our fair amount of gruesome thoughts, but also a plateful of odd philosophy. We are lightyears ahead of lightyears ago. Our well-behaved role--disguising our suspicious sparks of crazy--in society and family suits us very well. It is the leash on a pitbull, it is the bars of the state prison, it is the... well, you get the picture.

So let me make myself quite clear here. The title of this blog is suggestive. When you picture a child sitting in the corner, what do you imagine? Calvin, naturally! The boy has been unfairly sent to the corner to stare at the wall and ponder over his foolish actions. But, obviously, he is doing no such thing. He is plotting and scheming vengeance.

Of course, we all also have a strange Hobbes sense of reason. Whoever knows when he'll show up? I ramble nonsense.

This is a startup post ;) I'm giving my fellow writers/siblings a boost here to expose their darkest and deepest and most nonsensical thoughts here. Hopefully, they'll bite.


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i loves this. if i could, id favs it. :P just like deviantart