sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

Bloody Day

Okay, well, since Anna won't post it, I will.

Today was the day we had to go do medical exams. We had spent over 12 hours without eating and were starving by the time we arrived at the clinic. The place was teeming with people. It didn't seem like we were going to get this done quickly. So we sat and stared for a while until our number popped up on the screen. First of all, I'd like to make it clear that I had no recollection of exactly what exams I was there to do, figured it was just the blood test (oh the thought of it just makes me sweat!). So the lady went through the papers and got my things in order and, when she was done, I said I was going to the bathroom and left. The moment I got into the bathroom, I hear a shouting outside... "HENDRIKA!!" It was my mom. She was hunting me down the clinic, trying to find out what bathroom I was in. Utterly embarassed, I popped my head out of the W.C. and asked what on earth was going on. "You have a urine exam, too!!" she said. "You can't pee!"

There was a whole discussion that followed, but I don't believe, as mischievous and schemeful as this blog might be, that it qualifies to be posted here.

And then, I got poked with the needle. Okay, there was a whole blubbing before that. I sat down nervously. The lady did that torniquet thing around my right arm. I admit, I don't think I'm scared of needles... I'm just incredibly scared of tissue damage, especially along my arm, especially involving bleeding, especially involving seeing the blood!!!! (so speaks the biologist) She asked me what arm I usually drew blood from. I said, "I don't know... I haven't drawn blood in--(she shows the needle; my heart stops, my eyes start watering) oh my goodness, this freaks me out, honestly, it does..." "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. The needle is much thinner than usual and--" in it goes! All the while, I'm staring at the wall beside me and biting my lip so as not to cry. The tourniquet hurts more than anything. I start wondering how much pressure you need to cut off circulation, how long it would take before the arm became numb, then motionless, then useless, then necrotic. And then it's done, she pulls the needle out, makes sure I see the blood with my name written on it (I feel slightly lightheaded).

I return to the waiting room, and then it is Anna's turn. She goes and comes back a little while later with two bandaids, one on each her arm. Apparently, the woman could not find her vein on one arm, because, apparently, her veins are too thin.

We are not supposed to bend or lift heavy things for an hour after the pricking. So, that meant I only had my left arm to get by with, and Anna had no arms! We left with our arms hanging at our sides pathetically. She wanted to eat a cracker. I had to feed her. She wanted to drink some chocolate. I had to put the cup to her mouth. She wanted to read her book. I had to open it to the right page. I found it completely unfair. We had both been poked, but why the hierarchy amongst the temporarily disabled? -- Oh, I'm twice as temporarily disabled as you are, scratch my nose for me! Sheesh. It could have been me! *rolls eyes*

so that is the tale for today.

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Schalkwijk disse...

Dika, I have to admit, you could make a horror story out of simply walking down the hall in your own house. lol and you're a whimp, but I still love you. I don't mind drawing blood, but I do agree with you that the tourniquet is the thing that hurts the most. You know what you should try though? Getting an eye exam. I had to do this one where they put this colirio in your eyes so your pupils will contract (I think contract is the correct action verb here) and then I couldn't see straight for 30 minutes. The fun thing is, I had to grab a cab to go back to ND, so in utter embarrassment, I asked the lady at the counter to dial the cab number for me, since I couldn't see the digits on the phone. Fun fun fun!

Drika disse...

hahahaha! hopefully my eyes will never fail me! however did you manage??? when was that? hey, it's ur turn to post soon, eh!

Augustus Nicodemus Lopes disse...


I laughed a lot. Yes, Dika, you could make a horror story out of anything, as Sam said. This blog should ne advertised in the Schalknet.

Anna disse...

nah...its too...i dont know.....nada a ver.