segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2009

Towels and Cookies

Topics to be explored today: Anna's New Identity and A Weekend Without Parents.

There are always a gazillion things to do when your parents are not around, especially mischievous things. But as I am only a mischievous-wanna-be, I shall simply let you know of our perfectly well-behaved events during this weekend.

Oh, but I cannot continue without first letting you all know of my sister's recently found identity. You see, lately my brother has been under the impression she resembled a little poopie (not just her, i include myself. But this part is about her, so forget about me). I try hard not to imagine that. Why the connection? you ask. Simple. When our grandparents were here, David had to sleep in our room, and we began a long pointless conversation at night before sleeping. For some reason, Anna said something about pupils, but instead of pronouncing it "pew-pull", she said, "poo-pull". And, obviously, you can all immediately come to the conclusion that "poo-pull" must be related to "poo-poo", which sounds cuter when you pronounce as "poo-pee". This was the logic sequence my brother followed. And he immediately dubbed Anna and I as such "poo-pees". Anyway, the point of this is that Anna is no longer a poopie, but a towel. Sunday morning, as I sat down to have my daily coffee, I overheard something or other in the other room about someone being a towel.

(ME) "Who's a towel?"
(ANNA) "I am."
(DAVID) "Anna is."
(ME) "I thought she was a poopie."
(ANNA) "I was a poopie. Now I'm a towel."
(DAVID) "She was a poopie, but now she's a towel."
(ME) "Why??"
(DAVID) "I confused her for a towel and dried my hands on her face. She got angry."
(ME) "Oh, that happens..."
(DAVID) "Yeah..."
That concludes that story.

What did we do this weekend without our parents, though? Quite simple. What is the most obvious and fun thing you can do without your parents being around?? Invite a friend over and... BAKE COOKIES!! If that isn't mischievous enough, you can always STUFF YOURSELF WITH COOKIES!! and not leave any left for anyone else. And, if you want to be over the top mischievous, you can always rent a PG 18 movie to watch with your 17-year-old friend and your 16-year-old sister. You might get in trouble later, especially if you yourself, um, do not qualify as a responsible adult, but... what?? No, I don't believe I did that! How irresponsible!! What do you take me for? I am 22, but I'd never do such an awful thing! I just let them watch P.S. I Love You (we all spent the movie sighing). I tag Naty here (you so totally love mischief and cookies!) as our cinnamon cookie making accomplice. Her fingers are all guiltily sticky with unbaked cookie dough. You have trouble written all over you, girl!

Anyhow, I leave this post open for comments as to what else we could have done. Anna, David, Sam, any suggestions? If I am not mistaken, this next weekend is also parentless. We need to come up with something horrifically mischievous!!

drika (on-a-computer-which-is-sadly-not-hers)

7 comentários:

Augustus Nicodemus Lopes disse...

No way, we will be here this next weekend to avoid anything mischievious from you!!!

Drika disse...

awwwwwwwww... *cries* i thought you guys were going out.

Anna disse... about stuffing the DOGS with unbaked cookie dough? and have you clean the mess. :P

Schalkwijk disse...

anna, stuffing the dogs is cruel and vile, and just plain evil (did you notice that vile and evil have the same letters?) you can stuff everything with cookie dough as long as it isnt link. hes too good for dough. he likes apples. twice.

Drika disse...

and onions. he likes onions. anna, go stuff your yorkshire with dough.

Drika disse...

what is this? everybody against me now?? well, i guess i DO have a reason for being paranoid. my dog would reject cookie dough. she's way to smart not to.

Drika disse...

that was anna, by the way, not drika. i'm drika, that's anna. hmph.