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Camp, Cats, and What Not

At last, Carnaval has arrived, and we find ourselves swept off our feet to church camp.

Hero Dinner. Must admit, I was not the least bit excited to dress up as any sort of hero for dinner for two reasons: (1) they were supposed to be our childhood heroes and mine is Ariel (the little mermaid)... hence, for undecency reasons, I avoided waltzing about in nothing but a bikini and fishtail, and (2) i was feeling grumpy and lazy. In the end, we all did dress up, including David who also had absolutely no intention of dressing up whatsoever. Here are the characters we posed ourselves as:
  • Anna as the notorious and yet unstereotypical bellyless Winnie the Pooh
  • Hendrika as a shorthaired, magicless version of the Adam's family Morticia
  • David as a curlyhaired but impressively well impersonated L from Deathnote
  • Nathalia (NatiE) as a ready-to-fight Sailor Venus.
  • Natalia (Titosa) as a lovely and charming Indian Jasmine.
  • Julia as a very pink, white, and fru-fru Sakura Cardcaptor.

Neither Anna nor Julia nor I had the intestines to parade down the hall and compete for the prizes, so we just sat and applauded our way through the presentations. David and NatiE, on the other hand, marched up to the jury with confidence and style. See below (ignore the bad film quality, I was in a bad position and state of mind to do any decent filming).

The Pool. The only thing I am capable of reporting about pool time are two episodes. The first was our pathetic and sad attempt at having a nice swim at night. I was eager to get into the pool, but it seemed no one else, save the 12-year-olds, was as excited. Meaning, instead of having a nice swim and chat in the water, I played the babysitter for two shrilly girls... one of which found it a blast to play carry-and-dunk-the-Drika for half the time. All the while, Natie and David sat on the edge of the pool talking, Anna and Julia didn't want to swim, and Titosa was playing Fogo no Paiol elsewhere. I had been abandoned by my friends. The second episode I merely witnessed audibly (David can report it a little better later on), as I heard my beloved brother scream "I'm a SHAAAAARK!!!" repeatedly, followed by a violent SPLASH! and another "I'm a SHAAAAAAAAARKK!!" At first, I believed him to be running around and pushing people in, but it seems he was hurling himself in instead.

The Late Nights. Trying to sleep the last night was a wee bit frustrating as no one had really decided on the latest someone could go to bed. Meaning, in our room, there were the 1am girls, the 2am girls, the 3am girls, and the crazed 5 and 6am girls. I was in the first group of 1am girls (and that was pushing it for me). Unfortunately, the 6am girls had forgotten their cell phones on and around the room with alarm clocks set. Hence, at 5:40am, a sudden music began from one part of the room. Several girls began complaining. "Who's is that?!" "Shut it off!!" but the 6am girls weren't around. So, I got up and ran for the cell phone, yanked it out the plug where it was recharging and starting clicking like mad. I managed to snooze it, but didn't know how to turn it off. For some mad reason, I read the name "Pri" on the little screen, and instantly thought, "This must be Julia's cell phone!" I placed the cell phone next to Julia's pillow, in hopes that when it began ringing again, she'd have the decency of turning it off. As you are all much smarter than I am, you know that that obviously did not happen, and when the alarm started going off again, I grunted from my bed, "Ju... turn it off please..." She sounded surprised and confused, "But how...! How do I turn this off? Who's cell phone is this?" I feel really bad.

Those are but a few stories from camp.

Announcing that there are two new kittens at home with the sole function of scaring off the rats and saving our bananas. I have dubbed them Ron and Ginny Weasley (don't believe a word David tells you about their names). If you've got a problem with their Harry Potter names, well, I just don't like you. :P

Off I goes to tend to my duties.

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