sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009


Sibling: The Most Beautiful Eldest Sister of Them All (and Most Modest, too)
Mood: Peaceful
Song: Chocolate by Snow Patrol
Eating: Chocolate
Drinking: Chocolate milk
Real mood: Hyper (but I'm too lazy to show it)

photo by me

Last Sunday, a waiter stole my mushroom. And, for some completely nonsensical reason, I recall a middle school trend back in 1998 or something, where we would answer MUSHROOM! to everything - it was a very cool thing to do - ...as opposed to saying ALL OF THEM! as my dearest brother Samuel has the mind to do every so always.

So this waiter, he stole my mushroom. They say, leave the best for last, right? I was doing that. That was the biggest, fattest, juiciest slice of champignon Anna had left on her plate. And it was all mine for the savoring. I wanted it, badly. And then, the waiter swiftly and professionally snapped the plate up, and I was left with my eye on an empty table space. I admit it was worth the laugh but...

My boxer peed on Anna's yorkshire. Honestly! Anna told me all about it. Ask her. He just sniffed the pup and raised his leg like he would on a tree. And Navy/Pepper/Chewbacca (the Yorkshire) just stood there, unaware of what was happening to her. I thank God I don't have fur. It would be so dreadful to take care of, aye?

I'd like to announce that absolutely nothing amazing or fantastic at all has happened to me this week. But it probably is happening to my brother as I speak. He has left for the Candlelight Dinner with a small box containing two rings in his pocket. He is proposing to a dearest little girl of his class. In dateship, of course, not marriage. How do you say that anyway?

I have posted several new pictures on DeviantArt :) Do check them out and... I dno... flatter me or something. Honest, it's good for your health. My latest below:

photo by me

I don't know, but... maybe nothing. She and he don't really whatever. I need a splash of warm rain. And three red roses. It's Valentine's, duh?

Mood: Cold (it can be a mood, believe me)
Song: Dreams by the Cranberries
Eating: Nothing, I promise
Drinking: Saliva mixed with tidbits of melted chocolate that were stuck in btwn my teeth
Real mood:


Too useless to put my picture up. Since this post is only about me and almost all about me, with a few exceptions, kudos to the person who comments on something other than me.

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And im a dandelion- not any dandelion, mind you: I'm the last one. For realz. Hey, Dika, guess what? Chocolate isnt good for you. It gives zits. I know that for a fact. just check my own face out. My zits spell "Chocolate" on my cheek (my right cheek, to be precise). OH, and its raining chocolate out here. Get it? Ask david if u didnt. He'd get it. I'd hope.